Sunday, 22 November 2009

Brian's debut

Brian is now officially the face of Chasing Brussels the EU politics podcast!


  1. I love that character, and I love that you agreed to allow us to use it for the Chasing Brussels podcasts.

    He perfectly stands for us, for the Brussels bureaucracy, and the EU in general:

    a) for us eurobloggers, because we are mostly male, and our topic (EU politics) so far is for real geeks (he looks so amazingly geekish);

    b) for Brussels because he fits the stereotype of a Brussels eurocrat;

    c) for the EU in general because his name Brian reminds of "The Life of Brian" (e.g. Judean People's Front & People's Front of Judea in the film, the EU Council & European Council in the EU) and both the film and the EU are full of satire.

    Thanks a lot, Matthew!

  2. Gratz Matt. Knew you'd do good things :-)

  3. Cheers Julien, it's great to see my work used like this. Glad to be of service.