Thursday, 12 November 2009

Brian jumps for joy

He certainly does.

I just finished an animation of Brian. It definitely needs some tidying up but it's almost there. Ir really pays off if you're strict during the blocking stage. I spent so long in the blocking stage that I pretty much ended up with a key on every frame. Hence not spending much time polishing.

(click on Brian the press space to play)

Original file here


  1. I know your not one for the render effects but this would look alot sweeter with some deforming motion blur...smoother on the eyes if you know what i mean.

    Love the tie movement, is that a spine in there?

  2. cheers escooler! :) yeah the tie has it's own animation controls. Actually looking closely the small extra bit of tie penetrates his body, thanks for drawing attention to it! I've played around with motion blur but it does increase render times hugely. I'm on a tight deadline! if I have time this week I will have another play. Cheers