Thursday, 13 August 2009

The Bug finished walk cycle

Here's the finished walk cycle for The Bug. I have re-animated his antennae and his tail. For the antennae I rendered out a side view of the head, imported it into flash and animated a 2D antennae. I then imported an image sequence of this back into Maya and used my flash animation as a guide. The reason I did this was because it was much quicker to animate a curve in flash which only had 2 control points than it was animating the 6 control point antennae in 3D. I also just wanted to see how easy it was using Flash and Maya together as I'd just watched one of the new Gobelin animations which is 3D but uses flash animation for particle effects. ( You can watch it here check out the flash dust at 1:35)


  1. Looks a bit "buggy" to me.....

  2. Perhaps you'd better file a bug report :)