Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Roze and the Robots

Gravy Media have just updated their website. Check out my image of Roze

The guys are currently in Lyon pitching the film. I had to create a 3D version of Roze so they could show all the possibilities for the film's style.

It's so rewarding taking an awesome 2D character design into 3D. I like to design characters myself but she's on another level.

This all happened in 2 week nights and half of a Sunday. Pretty harsh deadline but they had a plane to catch! :)


  1. That is awesome. Can so see the Mattress stylie too!

  2. Matt! I didnt know u had a blog and a website til just this mo! Ur stuff is amazin! Really nice models and some crackin anim. Your style rocks, brian has proper potential. Thanks for the eye candy dude, keep up the cool!

  3. Cheers Maz, I wasn't aware I had a style but other people have said that too!

    Cheers Jamie! Some amazing looking stuff from your end too mate, consider me a follower ;)