Thursday, 21 January 2010

Brian's first words

Here is my first attempt and animating Brian to some speech.


  1. cool:-) nice little piece.

    1. The lip sync seems a bit off, or maybe you are not pushing the mouth shapes enough.

    2. The amount of gestures might be too much. He is hitting around 4-5 gesture associated with the dialogue, and for a 16 sec piece seems a bit forced.

  2. Hi Toke thanks for your feedback.

    I agree on both your points. I've been pretty lazy with the lip sync to avoid over animating due to how fast the dialogue is. I'll give it another pass to try and hit the key words more clearly.

    I did try and pack a lot of gestures in there. I think the amount of them should be ok I just need to tie them together a bit more smoothly with more overlapping. At the moment they are quite seperate to each other, very pose to pose.