Friday, 4 December 2009

business cards.

just ordered these business cards from


  1. nooo Gerald the MA lecturer at uni just pointed out some really obvious design flaws!

    damn my impulsive nature, should have asked before i sent them off instead of designing them on my own in 5 mins!

    oh well, batch 2 on their way ;)

  2. What are the flaws...did you go for the trendy moo mini cards?

  3. Hummm, I would have said thinking about it...

    Brown on black not the most stand out of choice?

    Also the frame on the fount, although adds a nice touch just makes everything else a bit smaller?

    Where there the points or did you miss spell your name matty ? Good exmas?

  4. The things I will change are the size of the word 'character' compared to my name plus the layout of the words will follow the shape of the juggled icons as opposed to the (stupid!) diagonal thing going on.

    I'm undecided about the brown on black, granted it's not very contrasty.

  5. And yes, a tremendous Xmas! Will have to tell you more with a bit more privacy ;)

  6. The black on brown would be fine normally, however since you wont be able to proof from Moo you might want to pick something a with a little more contrast in case they come back and the colours are not the same.