Thursday, 8 October 2009

Brian poses

Brian has been asked to represent a podcast called 'Chasing Brussels,' a blog about EU politics. I think Brian will fit right in! The brief was to make him look like he was chasing something (Brussels I imagine) and then being puffed out from all the chasing. Well he's tired out but very pleased to make his mascot debut!

(click to see big)


  1. My humble opinion:
    In the first one his front hand looks like it should be a bit higher, reaching out a bit more.... but the face is great.
    In the second he should be a bit more hunched over and disappointed looking... at the moment he kinda looks like he's... well.. about to sit on the toilet or something. Maybe some sweat or a bit more red in his face?

  2. Thanks for the pointers Maz. I'll be working on final versions of these images in the future so I'll take into account what you said. In Brian's defence; in the second image, you may have described exactly how he's feeling! ;)